New ERA's main goal is to provide an independent Nepalese perspective in the design, implementation and assessment of development policies & programs by employing a wide range of quantitative, qualitative and PRA methodologies.  
  New ERA Initiatives


11. Sanitation Program in Lapilang VDC, Dolakha 

Educate the Children, Nepal intends to build 400 toilets in Lapilang VDC, in Dolakha where the majority of the inhabitants are Thamis, one of the most disadvantaged ethnic communities in Nepal. International Rotary Foundation is considering funding USD 35,000, out of the estimated USD 70,000 required to implement the project. However, it stipulates that the International fund be matched by local fund. Local community contribution (through provision of unskilled labor and raw material) will be generating the largest portion of the local fund, and ETC, Nepal itself will be contributing the management cost. In addition, some amount of matching amount fund is needed and after considering the request from ETC, Nepal, New ERA has offered a grant of Rs. 60,000 (Sixty Thousand Rupees) from its Community Development Support Fund for the program.