New ERA's main goal is to provide an independent Nepalese perspective in the design, implementation and assessment of development policies & programs by employing a wide range of quantitative, qualitative and PRA methodologies.  
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 2.  Goat Raising by Poorest of the Poor Households of Bamdibhir CFUG, Kaski District

New ERA provided financial and technical support to the poorest of the poor users of Deurali-Bagedanda CFUG of Kaski district to raise goats as an income generating activity. The total amount allocated for this purpose was Rs. 80,000. The District Chapter Federation of Community Forest Users, Nepal (FECOFUN) has assumed the overall responsibility of mobilizing and executing the fund. 

Of the total 143 users of Bamdibhir CFUG, 23 households are involved in goat raising. The district chapter facilitated the distribution of a young she-goat to each of the 23 poorest of the poor households during November 2006. Of the total number of goats distributed, 19 gave birth to kids. The understanding was that anybody whose goat gave birth would present the first kid to another poor family in the neighborhood.

A report received from the FECOFUN District Chapter, Kaski reveals that all the 19 poorest goat-keeping households have been handing over newly born kids to the poorest families in their neighborhood. New ERA staff made a field visit to the project site and interacted with some of the 19 successful goat raising households in December 2007. All of them expressed happiness at the support received from New ERA. This is in fact a great contribution to poor rural households. They are now able to earn a little extra income from the goat rearing enterprise.