New ERA's main goal is to provide an independent Nepalese perspective in the design, implementation and assessment of development policies & programs by employing a wide range of quantitative, qualitative and PRA methodologies.  
  New ERA Initiative


6.  Pig Raising by a Group of Women Living with HIV/AIDS, Rupandehi

In 2009, New ERA from its reserve fund provided a grant support of Rs. 53,000 to Asha Jyoti Sahayog Samaj (AJSS), an organization established by a group of women living with HIV/AIDS in Rupadehi district.  The organization since its inception in 2063 B.S. has been advocating against all forms of discriminations to the people living with HIV/AIDS and trying to prove that they are strong enough to make progress and stand upon themselves in the society.  With this objective the AJSS members have initiated a number of self-employment initiatives like vegetable framings and poultry, pigs and goat raising activities in the area for its members abandoned from families after the death of their husbands.

With the support from New ERA, the organization has been rearing three improved variety piglets (Himstar) in its farmhouse located at Dandakhet community, Ward No 2 of Khadwabangai VDC in Rupandehi district.  Three single women living with HIV/AIDS have been taking care of the animals, which will be ready to sell after fourteen months.  These women reported that the growth rate of these animals is remarkably higher than that of the local pigs reared in the nearby communities.  However, New ERA monitoring report indicates that since these women were the beginners in this kind of entrepreneurial skill, they need constant feedbacks and external supports to make the program successful.