New ERA's main goal is to provide an independent Nepalese perspective in the design, implementation and assessment of development policies & programs by employing a wide range of quantitative, qualitative and PRA methodologies.  
  New ERA Initiative


9.  Tomato Farming in Poly-Tunnel in Armala, Kaski

Beginning of April, 2012, New ERA has been providing financial support (Rs. 56,700) to eight farmers (7 women and one man) of the 'Sairo Gairo Farmer's Group' while technical assistance is being provided by the district Agriculture development office, Kaski. The farmers based in Armala, V.D.C. no 6 and enclosing Pokhara Sub Municipality 16 Batulachaur, are part of the Sairo Gairo Farmer's Group.

The "Sairo Gairo Agriculture Group" was formed by 15 improvised families with the aim of generating income through agriculture works. Registered in 2065, the group has been actively involved in income generating farming activities. As the area's topography is appropriate for tomato farming and there is a viable and profitable market for the produce as well, the Agriculture development office has been advocating the use of poly-tunnels to grow off season tomatoes and as an incentive, been providing technical assistance as well as insecticides and fertilizers. Fund from New ERA is being utilized to buy plastic sheets, thermometer, scissors, and hybrid seeds. Each of the plastic tunnels is expected to last for three years and the project will benefit 15 families economically.

Report from the district agriculture office states that various plant disease and technical issues arose in the poly tunnel and therefore there were request for training twice from the group itself. However, each farmer was able to earn a profit of Rs. 47,000 to 71,000 in a year. As off season vegetables have viable market and profit can be made ten times than those of seasonal food grains, the farmers are now requesting for additional 75 poly-tunnels where hybrid tomato plants can be grown.