New ERA's main goal is to provide an independent Nepalese perspective in the design, implementation and assessment of development policies & programs by employing a wide range of quantitative, qualitative and PRA methodologies.  



Facility related to Information Technology

New ERA owns about 60 micro computers with three notebooks which are extensively being used for data processing, documentation and information extraction. All the computers are connected in local area network (LAN) with Windows NT server to share the database and other information. In addition, most of the work stations has facility of internet surfing and individual email account. New ERA also owns an extensive software library, which includes most of the recent softwares to perform its work more efficiently such as data entry and analysis, study report publishing, mapping, accounting, communication, library etc. To protect work from the interruption of power supply, New ERA has a powerful power backup system, which allows to work on most of the computers for about 4-5 hours. The users are also being used data backup system of New ERA (Server, Zip Drives, Disk Drives, CD Writers etc.) to keep their data safely.

New ERA also owns presentation equipments such as Audio Visual Projector, Overhead Projector, TV, VCR etc. These equipments are being used for training and dissemination of study results.





 New ERA's library has a selection of more then 5000 books and reports on agriculture,  community forestry, drinking water and sanitation, education, environment, gender issue, health and nutrition, population and family planning, and rural development. More than 500 titles of its own reports are in the shelf for reference purposes. The library subscribe to newspapers, journals and periodicals from national and international organization. The library is organized using DEWEY Decimal Classification System. All the books/reports are  computerized using Computerized Documentation Services/Integrated Set of Information Systems (CDS/ISIS), the software package developed by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).




Physical Facilities

New ERA's office building is located at Rudramati Marg, Kalo Pul, Kathmandu, Nepal. The five-storey building has 35 rooms including two training/workshop hall in around 1000 square meters areas. All rooms are inter-connected by intercom.