Transporting field survey equipment in remote areas of Nepal.


Field staff interviewing mother of children


Health personnel measuring temperature


Field staff interviewing household head in

Nepal Terai


Field team taking blood sample



Field staff carrying blood sample in icebox

Lab technician examining in microscope at field













Field staff interviewing mother of preschool    

children in the terai region, Nepal.


 New ERA field staff taking blood sample for test


 Field staff carrying ShorrBoard


Anthropometric measurement of children

New ERA's field staff interviewing mother of preschool children in the hill region, Nepal.











New Taking anthropometric data of the village women


Anthropometry measurement

Field staff taking interview

Examining children for ARI in remote mountain region, Nepal .







Focus group discussion


Field staff measuring blood pressure



 Field staff interviewing through PC tablet

Field staff interviewing through PC tablet

 Measuring weight of mother with children




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