Title: Integrated Bio_behavioral Survey (IBBS) among Female Sex Workers and Behavioral Surveillance Survey (BSS) among Clients in Kathmandu Valley 2004.

Abstract: This is the first round of the Integrated Bio-behavioral Surveillance (IBBS) Survey conducted among Female Sex Workers (FSWs) and their clients in conjunction with the Behavior Surveillance Survey (BSS) in the Kathmandu Valley. The study was design to measured STIs like HIV and Syphilis prevalence among FSWs and their clients. The study tested HIV and syphilis for FSWs and risk behavior such as knowledge of HIV/AIDS. The study also assesses socio-economic and demographic characteristics, condom availabilities and uses, use of alcohol, information on treatment.

Sponsored By: FHI/Nepal. April 2005. 85p. Availability: Click here for Full Text

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