Title: Integrated Bio-Behavioral Survey among Female Sex workers in Pokhara Valley

Abstract: This is the second round of the Integrated Bio-Behavioral Survey (IBBS) among FSWs conducted in the Pokhara Valley. The study was done as a part of the Monitoring and Evaluation Plan of FHI/Nepal. The main objectives of this study were to determine the prevalence of HIV and Syphilis among FSW’s working in the Pokhara valley. The study assesses the socio-demographic characteristics, sexual and drug using behaviors, knowledge of HIV/AIDS, knowledge and treatment of STI problems, knowledge and the use of condoms, and exposure to available HIV/STI services from the FSW’s in Kathmandu and to relate them with HIV and Syphilis infection.

Sponsored By: FHI/Nepal. July 2006. 40p. Availability: Click here for Full Text

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