Title: A Study on Media Habits, Awareness of HIV/AIDS, Recall of HIV/AIDS and Condom Messages, and Relevant Behaviors of Most At Risk Groups in Hot Zones in Nepal

Abstract: This study was to explore the media habits, awareness of HIV/AIDS, recall of HIV/AIDS and condom messages, and relevant behaviors of most-at-risk groups in high-risk areas of Nepal. The survey covered five sub-groups of the population considered to be most at risk from HIV infection: (a) Female sex workers (FSWs), (b) Clients of FSWs, (c) Transport workers/truckers, d) Migrant workers and, e) Male and female youths between the ages of 17-24 years. This study has made recommendations in relation to the HIV awareness and condom promotion campaign focusing on the most-at-risk groups.

Sponsored By : AED; November 2008; 87p.; Availability: Photocopy

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