Title: Feed the Future/KISAN Household Baseline Survey

Abstract: Feed the Future (FTF) initiative was a USIAD global effort to advance food security and nutrition challenges in 19 focus countries including Nepal.  A five year (2013-2018) FTF project, locally termed as KISAN (Knowledge based Integrated Sustainable Agriculture and Nutrition) Project is being implemented in close coordination with the GoNís Ministry of Agricultural Development (MOAD) and Ministry of Health and Population (MOHP). The area identified for the interventions are 20 districts of western Nepal. This survey was to capture data on agriculture productivity, income and expenditures, womenís empowerment, poverty, hunger, dietary diversity and feeding behaviors; and nutritional status of women and children in households of all intervention districts.

Sponsored by : Webstat/USA . June 2013. Availability: Not Available 

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