Title: Baseline Survey for the Impact Evaluation of the Agriculture and Food Security Project

Abstract: The Agriculture and Food Security Project (ASFP) funded by the World Bank was implemented by Ministry of Agriculture Development in 19 districts of Far-western and Mid-western Development Regions of Nepal. The main goal of this five year (2013 2018) project is to address low agricultural productivity, food security and save the maternal and child health in the project site. This study was designed to obtain baseline data on Improved Crop Productivity, Improved Livestock Productivity; Improved Feeding Practices; and Total Income & Income from Agriculture. The survey measured production of food grain, promoted crops like vegetables, livestock, milk, meat, eggs, usage of inputs such as improved seed and fertilizer. The study also assesses the socio-economic characteristics, food consumption practice, food diversity habit, demand of nutritious food for young children and pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.

Sponsored by : The World Bank/Washington DC, December 2013. Availability: Not Available 

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