Title: Endline Survey for the Agriculture and Food Security Project (AFSP)

Abstract: The Agriculture and Food Security Project (AFSP) project was implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture Development (MoAD) and the Ministry of Health (MoH) to address food security and agricultural productivity in 19 hill and mountain districts of the Mid-and Far-Western development region of Nepal. To achieve these objective projects has developed appropriate technologies and resources and being trained in these technologies as well as improved management practices through farmer field schools. This survey was to assess effectiveness of the project in regards to improved agricultural technology and seed adoption, productivity of the food crops, livestock reading practice, and farmer income. The study also assesses nutrition of young children and pregnancies or breastfeeding mothers, kitchen gardening, livestock rearing, behavior change of the project community.

Sponsored By: The World Bank. November 2017, Availability: Not available
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