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People observing improved
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Title: Large Block Production-cum-seed Multiplication of Rapeseed in Dang District. 

Abstract: Rapeseed is the principal cash crop in Dang District. In recent years, rapeseed yield has been depressed with productivity as low as 0.6 metric tons/ha as compared to a possible yield of over one metric ton/ha. The New ERA Agricultural Development Centre (NEADC), New ERA’s sister organization based in Dang, started a large block production-cum-seed multiplication program in different villages in Dang. The program uses participatory, bottom-up planning and a one window approach. The aim of the program is to increase the rapeseed yield through improved production practices. The program has been successful in increasing the yield of rapeseed and as a result the demand for NEADC seed has increased every year. The model developed by NEADC was replicated by INGOs/NGOs/GOs.

Sponsored by: New ERA. 2001. Availability : Not available

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