Title: A Review of Research Impact, Responsiveness and Future Priorities in the Agriculture Sector in Nepal

Abstract: This study was conducted in partnership with ITAD Ltd. and BDA Nepal Pvt. Ltd. with funding from DFID. The review assesses the impact of research carried out in Nepal by various governmental and non-governmental organizations on agriculture and the agricultural sector’s responsiveness to such research. The review also identifies and recommends future priority areas for agricultural research in Nepal. The review team gathered information using various tools and techniques including literature review, field visits, focus group discussions, individual interviews, office visits, group meetings, and surveys. Field work was done by a Nepali team who submitted a draft report. The work was supported by a three-member team from the United Kingdom who were extensively involved during the planning and report writing phases of the review.

Sponsored By :  ITAD/UK. July 2005. 157p.;  Availability: Photocopy

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