Title: A Joint Dissemination of an Integrated Control of Parasitic Nematodes in Small Ruminants Raised in Small Scale Systems in Developing Countries

Abstract: This project was being conducted by New ERA under the LPP program and is funded by DFID. The project has the following objectives: (1) to gather baseline information about gastrointestinal (GI) nematode infections and their effect on the productivity of small ruminants kept under small scale farming system; (2) to promote among small ruminant keepers a concurrent use of three strategies, the FAMACHA system, commercial tannin drenches or other anti-parasitic plants and nutritional manipulation as a new approach to the control of GI nematode infection; and (3) to determine a possible cost-effective combination of the three strategies that will give the best results and compare this with the standard/usual control methods.

 Sponsored by : Sokoine University of Agriculture/Tanzania. 2006.

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