Title: Impact Study on Program for Accountability in Nepal (PRAN)

Abstract: Program for Accountability in Nepal (PRAN) is a multi donor initiative to improve accountability in the public financial management of the Government of Nepal including both service delivery or supply side and the demand side. New ERA is responsible for Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) study that focuses on assessing impact through a before and after model, on certain key deliverables in the program work conducted by 40 small civil society organizations or  CSOs and three large CSOs receiving grants to strengthen the demand side. The baseline surveys are being used to mark changes as a result of 40 CSOs activities and endline surveys are assessing the changes in knowledge and awareness of citizens regarding budget process, awareness raising about budgets and informing delivery of certain categories of entitlements to citizens.  

Sponsored By: The World Bank. June 2014. Availability: Not available


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