Title: A Study on Child’s Environment/Water and Environmental Sanitation Status

Abstract: Water and sanitation was one of the major programs of UNICEF, interventions until the mid 1990s. In the early years of the program cooperation, the focus was on the installation of water system and building capacity for the installation of the systems. The Focus of the program gradually shifted from the installation of water supply systems to the current programme of integrated intensive hygiene and sanitation, as it became clear over the years that the installation of water supply systems had not improved the children’s health. Its’ key partners in implementing the program are DWSS, NRCS, and NEWAH.  UNICEF initiated an inter-sectoral community based Decentalised Planning for Child Program (DPCP), with aiming to involve the community in all phases of planning and development. The main objective of this study was to examine the status of water, hygiene  and sanitation in DPCP districts. It also assesses progress of hygiene and sanitation intervention for the current MPO period in non-DPCP districts.

Sponsored by : UNICEF/Nepal. July 2002.  Availability : Not available

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