Title: Final Evaluation of Drinking Water and Sanitation Program (DWSP) Phase IV

Abstract: Drinking Water and Sanitation Program (DWSP) was started to implement as a component of community development program of NRCS since 1983. After the successful completion of the third phase, the project was extended to fourth phase (1998/99-2002/03) covering six new districts (Chitwan, Sarlahi, Saptari, Jhapa, Ilam, and Panchthar) with more emphasis on institutional development. This study aim was to assess the achievement of the program. The study measured the impact of the DWSP (fourth phase) in reducing morbidity and mortality through the creation of health and sanitation awareness, institutional development and human resource development in the selected VDCs of the six districts. 

Sponsored by : NRCS/Nepal, April 2003, 92p. Availability : Photocopy

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