Title: Baseline and End-line Surveys for Nepal Community Managed Schools Impact Evaluation

Abstract: The Community School Support Project (CSSP) was initiated the government in the start-up of this decentralization initiative in the education sector through a smooth transfer of the management responsibilities to the school communities to improve access and quality of basic and primary education for children especially of the socially marginalized groups. A large number of schools in different districts have come under the scheme of devolved public school management responsibilities to local communities since the implementation of CSSP in 2006 under the World Bank funding. This study was to measure the changes in public schools on the effectiveness of schools in terms of a number of indicators including students learning achievement over a period of two years spread between a baseline and end-line of survey. The study also assesses the access and equity, efficiency and school governance

Sponsored By: The World Bank/Washington. February 2010. Availability: Not available

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