Title: Evaluation Study of ETC Supported CERID/Teacher Training Center Project

Abstract: Educate the Children (ETC) is a non-governmental organization based in the USA which supports Nepalese children to attend school and works to improve the quality of teaching in Nepal. ETC supported the establishment of a Teacher Training Center (TTC) at the Research Center for Educational Innovation and Development (CERID), part of Tribhuvan University. TTC was established in 1999 under a three year agreement between ETC and CERID. This study was conducted in response to a request made by ETC. The study assesses the achievements of TTC/CERID; the cost effectiveness of the project; the relevance of the project in the context of Nepal; and makes recommendations for the future of the project.

Sponsored By : ETC/USA. May 2003. 37p. Availability: Photocopy

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