Title: Baseline and Follow-up Surveys for Nepal Community Managed Schools Impact Evaluation 

Abstract: This study was a follow-up survey of selected community managed schools whose baseline survey was conducted at the end of 2005 in six districts, and a baseline survey for 220 selected public schools in 16 districts. The specific objectives of the study were to establish a baseline in terms of school effectiveness (enrollment, promotion, dropout, completion, etc.), studentsí learning achievement, and access to education (for girls, dalits and other disadvantaged groups), teaching and learning competencies and perception of the stakeholders and to establish a baseline data for monitoring and evaluating the impact of the policy in the transfer of schools. This baseline survey provides a useful framework for the comparison of community-managed and government-managed schools with regard to improvement in access and quality of basic and primary education of children, especially girls, Dalits and children from disadvantaged groups.

Sponsored By: The World Bank/Washington D.C., April 2008. Availability: Not available

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