Title: Impact Assessment of the Buffer Zone

Abstract: The main objectives of this study was to assess the overall impact of buffer zone program in development inside the buffer zone; conservation of park resources; and maintaining the interface between conservation and development by buffer zone communities; analyzing partnership between local people, park management and local government for reducing park-people conflict; assessing capacity within the DNPWC and buffer zone institutions to undertake conservation and development activities; and recommending policy and regulatory frameworks influencing program implementation.

The study reveals that there has been major break through in developing a cordial relation between Park Authority and Buffer Zone community. The Buffer Zone Program has been bring positive impact on the lives of BZ communities, biological enhancement of protected areas and protection of endangered wild animals. The major contribution of the programmed has been in the community infrastructure development, bio-gas installation, toilet construction, deep boring installation for irrigation, hand pump installation, awareness building and empowerment, capacity building and skill development training to the UG members. The program has also helped the BZ community to easy access to capital and market, thus decreasing the dependency on local moneylenders. The program has also contributed positively on conservation and habitat restoration by facilitating in BZ community Forest hand over, encouraging and assisting in regeneration of degraded forest patches, promoting agro-forestry and assisting in adoption of alternate source of energy at the BZ area.

Sponsored By: UNDP/Nepal, April 2004. 89p. Availability : Photocopy
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