Title: Studies on Contraceptive Acceptance and Use Patterns for Depo-Provera, IUCD, Pill and Norplant in Nepal. 

Abstract: This study has stand for the follow-up survey of the four female contraceptive methods, namely Norplant, IUCD, Pill and Depo-Provera in Nepal. This study was to explore use dynamics of the contraceptive methods. The study intended to explore the issues that need to be addressed to increase the availability of the services in Nepal. The study assesses the characteristics of clients, satisfaction with the services, supply and demand factors, reason for discontinuation, and continuation rate of these family planning methods. The study helps to understand the supply and demand factor, husbandsí support to their wives in these methods. The study prepared separate reports of each method. 

Sponsored by: EngenderHealth/Nepal. June 2003. Availability: Not available

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