Title : Adaptive and Collaborative Management (ACM) in Community Forestry in Nepal

Abstract : The ACM research in Nepal is a part of the ACM research being co-ordinated by CIFOR in various countries such as Nepal, Indonesia and Philippines from Asia; Ghana, Cameroon, Zimbabwe and Malawi from Africa. The ACM research aims are to increase effectiveness, efficiency and equity of stock holder relations and management practices, through enhanced shared institutional learning and adjustment of management in order to promote sustainable forest management and well-being of diverse women, men and children. 

This project is to identify, enhance and develop a set of institutional arrangements, approaches/strategies, and tools and their enabling conditions, that allow local communities to achieve more sustainable and equitable forest management and greater human well-being in a multi-stakeholder environment. During the course of this research expected a number of outputs as such Site Reconnaissance Report, Stakeholder Analysis Report, Historical Trend Report, Background Report on Community Forestry Situation, Bio-Physical Assessment Report, Human Well-being Report, Adaptation and Collaboration Report, Annual Analysis Report, Evaluation Report and so on. 

Sponsored By : CIFOR/Indonesia, September 2002, 483p. Availability: Click here for full text

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