Title: Review of Quality of Women’s Reproductive Health Services in Nepal

Abstract: The National Reproductive Health Strategy (1998) of HMG Nepal follows the commitment of ICPD 1994 and WHO global reproductive health strategies 1995 and recognized that reproductive health is a crucial part of overall health as well as it is central to human development and individual at the center of programs and policies. It also emphasize on the need for empowerment of women, community participation and services. 

The main aim of this study was to assess the types of interventions that can bring the improvements in women’s reproductive health. The study determined how poor Nepali women and service provider define the quality of reproductive health care and what they perceived the quality of services and what the women receive and provider provide. The study assesses the systems of service delivery, the barriers to good quality of reproductive health services for poor women. The study identified the successful, innovative, up-scalable methods to improve the quality of women’s health care in the selected districts and district level disparities in the quality.

Sponsored By: The World Bank/Nepal. July 2004. 177p. Availability: Photocopy

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