Title: Evaluation of Primary Health Care based Community Programme in Achham, Palpa and Arghakhanchi Districts, Nepal Phase III (1997 2003).

Abstract: Primary Health Care Based Community Programme was initiated NRCS in 1988 with cooperation of Danish Red Cross (DRC). After successful completion of first and second phase, the third phase of the project implemented for five years in three districts Palpa, Arghakhanchi and Achham with aiming to reduce morbidity and infant mortality and improve the health situation of women, men and children in the project area. This third phase project was emphasis on organizational development and capacity building of Red Cross Organizations at district level and on strengthening the capacity of local communities to improve their health situation. The project activities was included staff training, studies on the community development department of NRCS in the central level and construction of drinking water schemes, motivation and installation of health and hygiene promoting units like toilets, improved cooking stoves, washing platforms and kitchen gardens.

Sponsored By: Danish Red Cross/ NRCS. September 2004. pp. 103. Availability: Photocopy

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