Title: Baseline Survey of Married Adolescent Program in Prasa and Dhanusha Districts

Abstract: The Married Adolescent Program is implemented in two districts Parsa and Dhanusha, with objective to provide reproductive health information, education and services to young married couples through two primary interventions peer education program and youth-friendly service delivery training. This study was to assess the knowledge and attitudes on reproductive health issues among married women and their partners, levels of partners involvement and support in reproductive health decision-making, use of family planning methods among married adolescents. The study also measured the duration between Gauna and first birth among married adolescents, use of reproductive health services among young married women and their partners. The study finding includes age at marriage, contraceptive use, birth interval, reproductive health attitudes among the married adolescents, ANC visits, utilization of health services, and knowledge of STI/HIV among them.

 Sponsored By: EngenderHealth/Nepal. March 2006. 86p. Availability: Photocopy

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