Title: 2006 Demographic and Health Survey in Nepal

Abstract: This survey is the seventh in a series of national level population and health surveys and the third comprehensive survey conducted as part of the global demographic and health survey (DHS) program. The survey generates recent and reliable information on fertility, family planning, infant and child mortality, maternal and child health, anemia among women and children, knowledge of HIV/AIDS and nutrition from a nationally representative sample of ever-married women and men in the reproductive age group of 15 - 49 and 15 59 respectively. It provides updated information at the national, regional, and sub-regional levels as well as for urban and rural areas separately. The survey provides useful information to evaluate family planning and health programs and further assess the demographic situation in Nepal. It is also intended to support the dissemination and utilization of the survey results to those involved in planning and managing family planning and health programs in Nepal. The survey data are comparable to DHS surveys in other developing countries.

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