Title: Mid-term Evaluation of School and Community Health Project, Kavrepalanchowk District (SCHP). 

Abstract: School and Community Health Project is a multi-sector community development programs implemented in Kabhrepalanchowk district with special focus on health, sanitation, infrastructure and human resource development activities. The program area includes one municipality and 15 VDCs located in northern and southern hill slopes of the district's great Mahabharata range. The ultimate objectives of the programs were to strengthen the quality of public health, improve community infrastructure and make life easier in a sustainable manner. The programs were officially commenced since December 1992 and will be continued through 2001. The objective this study was to assess impacts and effectiveness of the program. The study also assesses strengths and weaknesses of the program components and suggest corrective measures for the their improvements in implementation and operations.

Sponsored By : SCHP/JICA-JMA/Nepal. July 2000. 109p. Availability : Photocopy

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