Title: Nepal - Developing an Investment Case for Financing Equitable Progress towards MDG 4 and 5 in  the  Asia Pacific Region, Phase I: Data Mapping.

Abstract: This is the Nepal country study as part of the MNCH Investment case and progress of MGDs 4 and 5 implemented in India, Nepal, Indonesia, Philippines and Papua New Guinea. The main goal of the study is to build the national and sub-national evidence required to identify the main health system constraints and bottlenecks hampering the scaling-up of the “best-by range of intervention” required to achieve equitable progress on MDGs 4 and 5. The study will estimate the additional funding required to effectively address these constraints and bottlenecks and to scale-up the “best-buy range of interventions” to achieve such equitable progress on MDGs 4 and 5. The study will review national health planning, policy, strategies, health system; survey reports; existing services delivery and monitoring systems, population census reports. The study will analyze the quality, relevance and validity of the datasets. Based on the datasets the study recommended for the second stage of the project implementation phase.

Sponsored By: Australian International Health Institute (University of Melbourne). October 2009. Availability: Not available

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