Title: Mid-Term Survey of NFHP II: Family Planning, Maternal, Newborn and Child Health Situation in Rural Nepal

Abstract: This mid-term survey of Nepal Family Health Program (NFHP) Phase II was envisaged to monitor the progress in the NFHP’s impact and outcome indicators. The study was conducted in 20 NFHP supported districts and 20 control districts, which allowed for assessment of project impact. Baseline information as derived from the 2006 Nepal Demographic and Health was taken into account to enable monitor changes. The current study, therefore, was conducted in 111 clusters overlapping with the 2006 NDHS clusters. The study collected information to monitor changes in fertility rate, changes in mortality rates for neonates, infant, child and under-five, family planning, maternal health, newborn care practices, child health and nutrition status.

Sponsored By: JSI Training and Research Institute, Inc., Nepal.   2010.  206p. Availability: Click here for  Full Document

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