Title: Endline Survey on the Development of Survey Design and Protocol and Data Analysis for KAP Survey on Avian Influenza in Bhutan

 This endline survey was conducted by New ERA with support from ENGEO Consultancy (ENGEO), a national firm based in Thimphu, Bhutan. The objective of the survey was to assess behaviour change related to avian influenza among the study  groups, to provide background information on overall risk behaviour among the general population and poultry and meat handlers, to measure knowledge of Avian Influenza and Avian Influenza case/outbreak management among health/veterinary care providers as per the national guidelines and to measure practice and control measures to prevent Avian Influenza among general population, poultry and meat handlers. Additionally, the endline survey has been designed to monitor outcome of the project from the baseline information, therefore, the instruments have been very much in line with the baseline to enable comparison over time. The study has collected information through both quantitative as well as qualitative methods from the different set of target population.

Sponsored By: Ministry of Health of Bhutan.  2011. Availability: Not available

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