Title: Survey on Coverage and Compliance of CHX (Kawach) Use and Other Components of Community-based Program in Banke, Jumla and Bajhang Districts

Abstract: Maternal and Neonatal Health (MNH) activities and Hospital based randomized non-inferiority trial of Chlorhexidine (CHX) lotion use program was implemented by Family Health Division in support of NFHP II. This study was conducted to assess the coverage, appropriateness and compliance of Kawach and other intervention of MNH activities at community level in Banke, Bajhang and Jumla districts. The study examined KAP and perception of mothers/caretakers regarding Kawach; current practice to management of newborn at home; birth preparedness practice for mothers and newborn, use of family planning methods by postpartum women; coverage of misoprostal at home delivery in the absence of SAB; and knowledge of RDW on maternal and newborn danger signs.

Sponsored By: Nepal Family Health Program II.  October 2011. Availability: Not available

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