Title: National Level Training Completion Report on "Providing Support to the Ministry of Health and Population to Ensure the Training for Implementing the Revised HMIS is of High Quality

Abstract: Integrated Health Management Information System (HMIS), initiated in 1993 AD under the Management Division of Department of Health Services, gathers health service program performance data/information on routine basis to support the Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation (PME) cycle of National health services programs. Specifically, it monitors the achievement, coverage, continuity and quality of healthcare services to guide all levels of health service managers on designing evidence-based program strategies, plans and guidelines. In the year 2012 Management Division of Department of Health Services, Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP) revised the Health Management Information Systems (HMIS) indicators, tools, and reporting process ensuring current requirements of all divisions, centers and various health service programs. In the year 2014 New ERA has assisted to develop training support master plan, perform quality assurance approaches and facilitate the Management Division, Regional Health Directorates and District Public/Health Offices in effective implementation of HMIS training activities on revised tools and reporting process across all 75 districts of Nepal.

Sponsored By: NHSSP/Options ,  July 2014. Availability: Photocopy


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