Title: Nepal Demographic Health Survey 2016

Abstract: This survey is the ninth in a series of national-level population and health surveys and the fifth comprehensive survey conducted as part of the Global Demographic and Health Surveys (GDHS) program. The main objective of this survey is to generate recent and reliable information on demographic and health situation of Nepal. Specifically the study will collect and calculate the data on fertility rates, contraceptive knowledge and practice, reproductive health of women; infant and child mortality, maternal and child health, Domestic Violence and knowledge of HIV/AID/STD. The study will also assess the nutritional status, anemia, health care utilization of women and children. It was designed to collect demographic and health information from a nationally representative sample to provide information at the national and sub-national level. This allows for the assessment of demographic and health situation of Nepal in relation to other countries of the region.

Sponsored By: ICF International,  November 2017. Availability: Please Click here for Full Text


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