Title:  Further Analysis of 2015 Nepal Health Facility Survey

The further analysis of 2015 Nepal Health Facility Survey (NHFS) was conducted under the aegis of the Public Health Administration Monitoring and Evaluation Division (PHAMED) of the Ministry of Health (MoHP). The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) provided financial support and technical assistance was provided by ICF. The primary objective of the further analysis of the 2015 NHFS was to provide more in-depth knowledge and insights into key issues that emerged from the 2015 NHFS. This provides guidance in planning, implementing, refocusing, monitoring, and evaluating health programs in Nepal. The long-term objective of the further analysis is to strengthen the technical capacity of local institutions and individuals to analyze and utilize data from complex national population and health surveys in order to understand specific issues related to country need and situations. The further analysis includes four topics (i) Health Services Availability and Readiness in Seven Provinces of Nepal, (ii) Client Satisfaction and Quality of Curative Services for Sick Children in Nepal, (iii) Quality of Family Planning Services Delivery and Family Planning Client Satisfaction   at Health Facilities in Nepal, (iv) Quality of Care and Client Satisfaction with Maternal Health Services in Nepal 

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