Title:  Further Analysis of 2016 Nepal Demographic and Health Survey (2016NDHS)

Abstract: This further analysis study of 2016 NDHS was implemented New ERA under the aegis of Ministry of Health and Population of Nepal with financial support of USAID and technical assistance was provided by ICF International. The primary objective of this study was to provide more in-depth knowledge and insights into key issues that emerged from the 2016 NDHS.   The information of this further analysis provides guidance for planning implementing, refocusing, monitoring and evaluating health programs in Nepal. The further analysis is published in different seven topics: (i) Youth Health in Nepal: Levels, Trends, and Determinants (NDHS 2016 FA 116)  (ii) Inequalities in Health Outcomes and Access to Services by Caste/Ethnicity, Province, and Wealth Quintile in Nepal (NDHS 2016 FA 117)  (iii) Maternal Health Care in Nepal: Trends and Determinants (NDHS2016 FA118)  (iv) Unmet Need for Family Planning and Fertility in Nepal: Levels, Trends, and Determinants (NDHS2016 FA119)  (v) Childhood Illness and Mortality in Nepal: Trends and Determinants (NDHS2016 FA120)  (vi) Factors Affecting Vaccination Coverage and Retention of Vaccination Cards in Nepal (NDHS2016 FA121)  (vii) Child Undernutrition and Feeding Practices in Nepal: Trends, Inequities, and Determinants (NDHS2016 FA122)

Sponsored By: IFC International.  January 2019. Availability: For FULL TEXT Please Click above Topics


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