Title: School-to-Work Transition Survey (SWTS) Among Youth in Nepal

Abstract: This study inspects young Nepalese making the transition from school to work. The survey looks at young people in three age brackets (15-19 years, 20-24 years and 25-29 years) at various stages of transition: (i) Not transited: Still in school with no intention of seeking a job; (ii) In transition: Not in school, unemployed or looking for a regular job; and (iii) Transited: Employed in a regular job. The "transited" category is further broken down into those finding the transition (i) Easy, (ii) Middling, or (iii) Difficult. A total of 2,400 young people were randomly sampled from both urban and rural areas in three districts of Nepal -- Morang, Kathmandu and Banke. Information on possible influencing factors including gender, education level, social status and economic situation of the young people were collected from the survey. Structured questionnaires and focus group discussions were used for the data collection. In addition to young people, 125 employers from various industries/sectors were interviewed to gather information on their needs/perspective and to understand the situation from the demand side.

Sponsored By : ILO Office, Nepal. 2005. 100p. Availability : Click here for document

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