Title: Further Analysis of Nepal Labor Force Survey II


Abstract: This study makes a trend analysis of four representative national level surveys: Nepal Living Standard Survey 1993/94; Nepal Labor Force Survey 1998/99; Nepal Living Standard Survey 2003/04; and Nepal Labor Force Survey 2008. More specifically, the study analyses the activities of the economically active population in terms of the labor force participation rate with reference to both current activity status and usual activity status. The study also carefully inspects unemployment and labor under-utilization by occupation and industry and by formal and informal sectors. An analysis of the labor force characteristics of migrant workers and their remittances, especially of recent migrants (five to 10 years ago), is also included in the paper. The study also draws some policy recommendations supportive of inclusive development from the perspective of caste/ethnic diversity of the Nepalese labor force.

Sponsored By : ILO Nepal. 2009. 100p. Availability : Photocopy

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