Title: Baseline Survey of the Adolescent Girls Employment Initiative (AGEI) in Nepal, 2011

Abstract: This is the Baseline Survey of The Adolescent Girls Employment Initiative (AGEI) project in Nepal launched by the World Bank in partnership with the Nike Foundation and the governments of Sweden, Norway, the United Kingdom, and Denmark in 2008 to economically empower adolescent girls and young women in five low-income and post-conflict countries: Afghanistan, Liberia, South Sudan, Rwanda, and Nepal. This survey was conducted to establish benchmark characteristics of individuals and households to compare pre- and post-intervention performance on different indicators in the treatment and control groups. Data were collected on a wide array of indicators covering demographic and social characteristics, as well as economic characteristics of individuals and their respective households.  The surveys were also designed to gather information on the empowerment status of respondents, respondentsí involvement in risk-taking behaviors such as alcohol consumption, and HIV awareness among respondents.

Sponsored By : The World Bank. December 2011.  Availability : Not available

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