Title: Baseline Survey for the Adolescent Girls Employment Initiative, Nepal 2012

Abstract: The principle objective of this Baseline 2012 survey of AGEI was designed to establish benchmark characteristics of survey respondents of the AGEI program on key socio-economic indicators. The study assesses data on Demographic and Social Characteristics of household and individual adolescents; economic characteristics of household and individuals; gender empowerment; information about entrepreneurship, HIV/AIDS awareness and risk taking behaviors. A total of 1,524 household heads (1005 from treatment group and 519 from control group) and 1,535 men and women individuals of 16 35 year-old age range who are socially discriminated against and economically disadvantaged (1,010 from treatment group and 525 from control group) were selected for interview spread 27 districts from Eastern, Central, Western, Mid-western and Far-western Development Region of Nepal.

Sponsored By : The World Bank. December  2012.  Availability : Not available

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