Title : Nepal Resettlement Policy and Practice: Review and Recommendations

Abstract : This study is a part of the ADB sponsored seven country studies. Each of the Bank financed countries have their own framework for land acquisition and compensation procedures through specific policies and regulatory framework. Since development projects involve displacement of people, it is important to assess the existing policies and practices of involuntary settlement. In Nepal, project-based strategies prevail and overall national policy of involuntary resettlement is lacking. In this context, the study was to evaluate and adequacy of selected resettlement policy and legal framework in Nepal. The study assesses the nature and effectiveness of resettlement experiences in the following on-going Bank financed projects: (i) Kali Gandaki "A" Hydroelectric Project, (ii) Third Road Improvement, and (iii) Kathmandu Urban Improvement Project. 

Sponsored by : ADB/WECS/Nepal. May 1999. 116p. Availability : Photocopy 

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