Title: Impact Study of ActionAid Nepal's 25 Years in Nepal

Abstract: ActionAid Nepal (AAN) has been working in Nepal since 1982 with a mission to eradicate poverty and injustice by empowering the poor and excluded people. This study was to assess the impact of its activities in the lives of the poor and excluded people, particularly the rights holders of AAN. The study analyzed key learning fro AAN’s poverty eradication efforts of 25 years and critically assesses how far this learning has been internalized within its system. The study derives learning from AAN’s successes as well as its failures and missed opportunities, assesses the effectiveness of these learning to translate into future actions, and how successfully this learning has been disseminated amongst various stakeholders, influencing their actions.

Sponsored By: ActionAid/Nepal. September 2007.  151p. Availability: Photocopy

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