Title: Nepal Report on the Impact of UN Model Village (Gangkhet VDC) of Dadeldhura District

Abstract: Four major UN organization of Nepal like UNDP, UNICEF, WFP and UNESCO have been implementing their specific program in Gangkhet VDC and other external agencies have also working simultaneously for a holistic development of the VDC. Dadeldhura District Development Committee (DDC) declared Gangkhet VDC as a “UN Model VDC” in 1999/2000. The agencies have been promoting wide range of activities including basic health, education, micro entrepreneurship development, social mobilization, agricultural development and basic infrastructure development.

This study was conducted on the request made by UNESCO, the lead agency of the UN collaboration in Gangkhet. The main aim of this study was to identify of the progress made by the UN agencies in the VDC. The study assesses impact of the different development activities with reference to the political commitment and the result. The study made conclusion that the program made positive changes on social, educational, health, sanitation and economic status of the people. The project community people now have easy access to loan and new technologies in the bee keeping and commercial vegetable farming, seed promotion and hand papermaking.

Sponsored by: UN Agencies Collaboration Office, UNESCO/Kathmandu. November 2003, 115p. Availability : Photocopy

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