Dr. Udbodha Ushakar Rijal

Dr. Udbodh Usakar Rijal holds PhD degree in Economics from Wayne State University, USA. He is a regular staff of New ERA. He is a statistician by training and involved in appropriate sampling design, review field survey tools, data management and data analysis in various research studies conducted by New ERA. He has served in the capacity of team leader in a number of survey research projects carried out by New ERA. Dr. Rijal is with New ERA since 2017.

Mr. Niranjan Prasad Dhungel

Mr. Niranjan Dhungel is a permanent staff of New ERA. He holds Master degree in Economics from Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal. His expertise is in different field such as drinking water and sanitation, education, HIV/AIDS, M&E and so on. Mr. Dhungel is with New ERA since 1979.

Jyoti Manandhar

Ms. Jyoti Manandhar is working as Deputy Research Officer in New ERA. She holds Masters degree in Sociology from Punjab University, Chandigarh, India. She has developed her expertise in gender issues, program sustainability, Conflict Management and Peace Building, Monitoring and Evaluation of the program, and so on. Ms. Manandhar is with New ERA since 2005.

Mr. Nirakar Kumar Acharya

Mr. Nirakar Kumar Acharya holds Masters degree in Human Ecology from Vrije University of Brussels, Belgium. He is an experienced researcher expertise both in qualitative and quantitative research. Mr. Acharya was involved in various research projects conducted by New ERA in different field such as environment, health, child ren, forestry, and so on.  He has handling a number of Monitoring and Evaluation studies carried out by New ERA. Mr. Acharya is with New ERA since 1996.