Mechanized Irrigation Innovation Project – Social Survey for Tube Well Development and Hills Schemes

The Mechanized Irrigation Innovation Project (MIIP) has developed a scheme of groundwater and surface water irrigation system pertinent to Terai and Hill districts of Nepal. This study was to determine farmers’ potential adaptation to tube-well irrigation and the willingness to pay for ground water services. The study assessed the demand for tube-well irrigation, socio-economic conditions in the project area and financial access of the farmers for different productive economics activities.

Survey for Impact Evaluation at ADB for Nepal: Rising Incomes of Small and Medium – Endline Report

This Endline Survey of Raising Incomes of Small and Medium Farmers Project (RISFMP) was designed to assess the impact of the project on the incomes of the farmers and other measures of household well-being. The study assesses the mechanisms of farmers’ cooperatives; sustainability and success of these groups especially in the context of farming. The study also compared progress with the baseline data.