Dr. Bal Gopal Baidya

Dr. Bal Gopal Baidya is the Chairperson of New ERA’s Board of Directors. He is an economist by training and has been involved in various kinds of research studies in Nepal.  Dr. Baidya is a former member of National Planning Commission of Nepal and has good experience in policy making in Nepal. He  has evaluated various programs in Nepal in different field such as agriculture, education, governance, human resources, natural resources, socioeconomic and so on. He has also international experience in evaluating programs. He evaluated an UNICEF program in Mongolia in 2004 and in Laos in 2005.  He was involved as a team member of UNDP programs evaluation of 2006 and 2010 and a thematic team member of  Nepal Human Development Report 2009.  Dr. Baidya is with New ERA since 1972.

Mr. Madhup Dhungana

Mr. Madhup Dhungana holds M.Sc. degree in Mathematics and Statistics from Tribhuvan University and Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application from AIT, Bangkok. Mr. Dhungna has lead many national level evaluation studies. He has also involved as an evaluation expert in various monitoring and evaluation studies in different field such as education, drinking water and sanitation, gender issues, health and nutrition and so on. He was with New ERA since 1974 – 2021. During this period he has provided different services in project implementation and technical assistance for various national international organizations. He has also served for New ERA as an Executive Director from 1988 to 1992.

Ms. Pranita Thapa

Ms. Pranita Thapa serves as an Executive Director of New ERA. She holds Master’s degree in Social Science from North Bengal University, India. Ms. Thapa has lead a number of studies conducted by New ERA in the capacity of Team Leader. She has carried out various evaluation studies in different fields like reproductive health, media and communication, trafficking of children and women, migration, HIV/AIDS, displaced children, community development, human rights,  gender issues and so on. Ms. Thapa is with New ERA since 2005.

Ms. Nira Joshi

Ms. Nira Joshi is Senior Research Officer in New ERA. She holds Master degree in public health from the International Institute of Health Studies, University of  Toronto, Canada in 2008, and Masters degree in sociology from Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu Nepal in 2003. She has lead a number of national-level survey research on nutrition. Her expertise is health and nutrition, M&E, and so on. She is with New ERA since 2008.

Mr. Niranjan Prasad Dhungel

Mr. Niranjan Dhungel holds a Master degree in Economics from Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal. He has led various national-level programs and research studies in different field such as drinking water and sanitation, education, good governance, food security, HIV/AIDS specially among hard to reach people, trafficking and so on. He has also been involved in PRA training and water, sanitation and hygiene training.  Mr. Dhungel has been with New ERA since 1979.