New ERA has earned a national and international reputation as a research organization with the ability to conduct social science research and to provide technical assistance of the highest quality. New ERA applies conventional and experimental techniques while conducting research studies and implementing projects. Its expertise includes the following types of research:

Most of New ERA’s products are based on the following methods of inquiry:

Capacity Development

Training Proficiency

New ERA has been recognized for its Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) training methods, which employ the guiding principles of what is known as Participatory Learning and Action. Since 1989, New ERA has applied PRA/PLA in over 25 studies and provided PRA/PLA training to the staff of over 40 government, non-government and international organizations.

New ERA has also developed a number of multi-disciplinary training programs for agencies involved in education, community forestry and other development activities in Nepal. Our training programs supplement theory with practical exercises and prepare trainees for social situations that they are likely to encounter in the field.
Youth Training and Employment: New ERA makes a significant contribution in providing employment opportunities as well as imparting research skills among Nepali youth by employing hundreds of young people, usually university students, for the various research projects that we undertake. After hiring and before being deployed to various parts of the country where the projects are taking place, these young people are given rigorous and continuous training on fieldwork methodologies and on the use the various software programs employed in the project.

Upgrading Staff Efficiency

New ERA is keen on upgrading the institution and strengthening the quality of working efficiencies among its existing employees by providing training and workshops within Nepal or abroad to assist staff in acquiring new skills, developing their careers and stay challenged and engaged.